Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

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Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

What is the Overseas Domestic Worker visa?

This visa permits employers, usually residing outside the UK, to bring their domestic staff to the UK for a maximum period of six months.

Do my worker qualify for this visa?

To qualify for an Overseas Domestic Worker visa for your domestic staff, you must establish that:

  • Your domestic worker is aged 19 or over at the time of application.
  • Your domestic worker has been employed as a domestic worker, residing with you or in a property you use as a home for at least 12 months before applying.
  • The terms and conditions of your domestic worker’s UK employment are documented.
  • You genuinely intend to pay your domestic worker at least the UK National Minimum Wage throughout their UK employment.
  • You, the employer, are a British national residing outside the UK or a non-British national traveling to the UK as a Visitor, not intending to stay beyond six months.
  • Your domestic worker intends to work for you in the UK, traveling with you, your spouse, civil partner, or child under 18.
  • Your domestic worker plans to leave the UK within six months of arrival or simultaneously with you, without establishing the UK as their main home.
  • Your domestic worker can sustain themselves without recourse to public funds.

Where can I apply for the visa?

Applications for the Overseas Domestic Worker visa must be submitted from outside the UK, in the country where the applicant is a citizen or lawfully resident.

How long can my worker stay in the UK? Can the visa be extended?

Upon approval, your Domestic Worker will receive a visa valid for a maximum of six months. Extensions are not possible from within the UK.

Does the Overseas Domestic Worker visa lead to settlement in the UK?

This category does not offer a pathway to settlement in the UK.

What kind of activities can this visa holder undertake in the UK?

Visa holders are exclusively permitted to work as domestic workers in private households. Importantly, they can change employers within the visa’s validity without notifying the Home Office.

Can the worker bring family members to the UK?

No, dependants are not permitted under this route.

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