For Individuals

Our team of highly skilled litigators at XT 24 has extensive experience in aiding individuals in various civil and commercial disputes. We provide strategic guidance throughout the entire dispute resolution process. Working closely with our clients from the early stages helps us mitigate potential issues down the line, while our involvement in later stages ensures the best possible outcome.

Clients turn to XT 24 for assistance with their most intricate disputes, understanding that these issues are often interconnected with broader business operations. We recognize that those seeking our guidance are already managing busy businesses, and our approach considers not only managing strategies and outcomes but also minimizing the burden on those involved.

What types of disputes can we help you with?

Our team of skilled disputes lawyers specializes in high-value and complex disputes for businesses, bringing a wealth of experience in different jurisdictions and sectors.

This section highlights key practice areas and experiences in dispute resolution for businesses.

Contractual, Shareholder, and Commodities Disputes

XT 24’s civil disputes team excels in advising on both substance and strategy for a wide range of contractual, shareholder, and director disputes, particularly those of a complex nature across various sectors, from extractive industries to software.

Our team, led by XT 24 team members Roger and Dr. Cong Gao, has advised on some of the most innovative and complex disputes in these areas.

Freezing Orders

Businesses may become the subject of freezing orders, including worldwide freezing orders, granted by the Courts, often without notice. Navigating the complexities of these orders with short deadlines requires strategic decision-making, and our litigators have significant expertise in these areas.

Collaborating with expert barristers from our extensive network ensures the best outcomes, and we are prepared to go to court on short notice when necessary. In cases involving criminal, sanctions, or white-collar components, we work seamlessly with our specialized teams for a cohesive and cost-efficient service.

Frozen and Closed Bank Accounts

In the face of an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape, businesses may find their accounts closed or frozen without proper notice or explanation. XT 24 is adept at handling such situations, with a proven track record of recovering millions for clients. We work swiftly and efficiently, collaborating with our white-collar and sanctions teams when more complex issues arise.

What forms of dispute resolution do we specialize in?

XT24’s dispute resolution experts possess extensive experience in resolving disputes through various mechanisms and before major dispute resolution bodies. To learn more about our capabilities in these areas, please contact us.

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