Asylum and International Protection

The XT 24 team has earned an unparalleled reputation for assisting individuals facing complex personal circumstances that may necessitate international and human rights protection.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest level of service to our clients, advising them comprehensively on all available options. Whether it’s applying for refugee status under the 1951 Convention on Refugees, seeking protection on humanitarian grounds, or appealing against the initial rejection of a claim, our focus is always on putting the client first and leveraging every resource to uphold their rights.

Led by XT 24 team member Charles Burnett, our team possesses particular expertise in securing asylum grants in the UK and abroad, even in the most challenging and atypical cases.

We collaborate closely with internationally renowned counsel to ensure our clients’ claims are meticulously prepared and pursued at the highest standard. Every avenue for protection is explored and scrutinized to guarantee a thorough examination of each case.

Human Rights, Asylum and International Protection

Recognizing the importance of involving individuals in their own cases, we stand by our clients at every stage, ensuring they and their families have a voice in shaping the direction of their case.

Our comprehensive service for those seeking safety in the UK includes extensive experience in litigating judicial review cases and handling appeals in instances where applications have been unjustly refused or rejected.

In addition to our proficiency in obtaining protection for individuals in the UK, we have substantial experience in assisting with complex human rights, asylum, and international protection claims in various jurisdictions. Our involvement in cases spans countries such as Cyprus, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Monaco.

Handling domestic and international extradition proceedings, alongside human rights and refugee claims, as well as applications to international courts and tribunals, is all seamlessly managed under one roof.

Our ability to guide clients through these intricate claims ensures they benefit from:


A dedicated XT 24 team under one roof formulates and adopts a global case strategy, ensuring consistency between different teams and optimizing the chances of the best possible outcome. In complex cases, expertise in one area of law alone is often insufficient.

We regularly intervene in cases involving applications to INTERPOL, the European Court of Human Rights, or the General Court of Justice of the EU. A properly coordinated strategy and close teamwork are crucial elements of a winning approach.


Given that these cases often involve highly sensitive issues for clients and witnesses, our extensive experience in handling complex cases makes us acutely aware of the need to maintain confidentiality in our work.

For more information about us and our Human Rights and Asylum services, please contact XT 24 team member Charles Burnett or another member of the team.

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