Temporary Worker – Creative Worker Sponsor Licence

Our team of expert corporate immigration specialists at XT 24 have extensive experience in assisting workers applying for Temporary Worker – Creative Worker Sponsor Licence. The UK Government strictly regulates the employment of non-UK and Irish nationals in the UK. In most cases, UK employers seeking to recruit overseas workers must obtain a Sponsor Licence.

Temporary Worker – Creative Worker Sponsor Licence

Why Apply for a Temporary Worker – Creative Worker Sponsor Licence?

The Creative Worker Sponsor Licence is specifically designed to enable organizations in the UK to sponsor individuals for jobs or series of engagements within the creative sector. This includes fields such as dance, music, film, theatre, television, circuses, opera, and fashion modeling.

The route covers creative workers and their entourage, allowing organizations in the creative sector to sponsor individuals for fixed, usually short-term assignments in the UK. Individuals can also be sponsored for a series of engagements in the UK, provided there is no more than a 14-day gap between each.

Creative Workers can be sponsored for a maximum of 12 months initially, extendable to 24 months only if they continue working for the same sponsor. Sponsors intending to sponsor creative workers for more than 24 months should consider the Skilled Worker route.

There are alternative routes to bring creative workers to the UK, including the Skilled Worker, Global Talent, and Visitor visa routes, and XT 24 can provide advice on these options.

Who Can You Sponsor under a Temporary Worker – Creative Worker Sponsor Licence?

Sponsorship is possible only if the role will make a unique contribution to the UK’s cultural life. This requirement can be demonstrated in various ways depending on the creative field of the applicant.

For example, individuals in dance, theatre, film and television, or the fashion industry must meet specific criteria outlined in the ‘Appendix Creative Worker Codes of Practice.’ If the creative role is on the Shortage Occupation list, such as artists, skilled classical ballet dancers, skilled contemporary dancers, arts officers, producers, and directors, additional justification may not be required.

Eligibility Requirements for a Temporary Worker – Creative Worker Sponsor Licence Application

To apply for a licence, the organization must operate, or intend to operate, in the creative sector, such as a production company, events organizer, venue, agent, media organization, or promotion company. A direct employment relationship with sponsored individuals is not mandatory, but the organization must meet the duties of a sponsor.

The organization must demonstrate:

  • A genuine need for a Creative Worker Sponsor Licence.
  • Full understanding of duties and responsibilities as a sponsor, with appropriate HR systems and processes in place.

Organizations that held a valid sponsor licence for the T5 (Temporary Worker) Creative route before October 11, 2021, will typically have their licence automatically converted into the Creative Worker licence.

Application Process for a Creative Worker Sponsor Licence

The organization needs to complete and submit an online application form. Supporting evidence and information, including specified company documents and justification for needing a sponsor licence, must be emailed within 5 working days of the online application submission. Failure to do so may result in application rejection.

The UKVI will initially assess the online application and email submissions. While a Sponsor Licence can be granted based on this assessment, the UKVI may decide to conduct an audit of the organization to ensure the need for a licence is genuine.

During a compliance visit, the UKVI will review the organization’s practices, policies, and HR procedures. If the application is refused after an audit, a bar on applying for a sponsorship licence may be imposed for at least 6 months.

Processing Time and Fees for a Creative Worker Sponsor Licence

The UKVI service standard for assessment is 8 weeks. A priority service is available for a fee of £500, reducing processing time to 2 weeks. Priority slots are limited and operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

Home Office fees vary based on the size of the organization: £536 for small companies and charities, and £1,476 for medium to large companies.

How XT 24 Can Help with a Creative Worker Sponsor Licence Application

XT 24 will meticulously scrutinize the application to avoid refusals based on missing information or lack of perceived genuineness. Refusal on certain grounds may result in a 6-month or longer bar on submitting a new application, making thorough preparation essential.

With years of experience, XT 24 has assisted companies of all sizes in preparing and submitting successful sponsor licence applications. For legal assistance or to discuss your situation, please contact a member of the XT 24 team, who can guide you through the process.

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