Graduate Trainee Visa

Our immigration team, XT 24, possesses significant expertise in aiding businesses with bringing graduate trainees to the UK.

Our team, XT 24, can also assist UK employers in obtaining the appropriate sponsor license, maintaining their sponsor license, and fulfilling their sponsor obligations.

Graduate Trainee Visa

What is the Graduate Trainee visa? This visa route is designed for foreign workers seeking transfer to the UK by their employer for a work placement as part of a graduate training course leading to a senior managerial or specialty post. The overseas and UK entities must be linked by common ownership or control.

Do I qualify for a Graduate Trainee visa?

To be eligible to apply for leave under the Global Business Mobility – Graduate Trainee route, you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over on the date of application.
  • Have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship from a UK sponsor.
  • Have worked for your organization outside the UK for at least 3 months immediately prior to the date of your application.
  • Be sponsored for a job that is on the list of eligible occupations.
  • Be paid the minimum eligible salary required for your job.
  • Show that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself in the UK (unless maintenance is certified by your sponsor).

What period of leave will I be given? Can I extend my visa?

If your application is approved, you will normally be granted leave as a Graduate Trainee for 1 year. It is possible to extend this visa from within the UK for 1 year at a time. However, care must be taken not to spend more than the maximum cumulative time permitted in the UK under any of the Global Business Mobility routes – in most cases, this is a maximum of 5 years in any 6-year period.

What kind of activities can I undertake in the UK as a visa holder?

As a Graduate Trainee, you are permitted to work in the UK for your sponsor in the job described on your Certificate of Sponsorship. You may also undertake a course of study or voluntary work while you are working.

Can I bring my family with me?

The Graduate Trainee visa allows you to bring with you a dependent spouse/partner who must be aged 18 or over and dependent children who are under the age of 18 at the time of the initial application.

Does the Graduate Trainee visa route lead to settlement in the UK?

The Graduate Trainee visa route does not lead to settlement in the UK. It may be possible, however, to switch from the Graduate Trainee visa route into an immigration category that does lead to settlement, such as the Skilled Worker.

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