Regulatory Agencies and Prosecuting Authorities

Our accomplished XT 24 team recognizes that accusations faced by individuals and corporations concerning white-collar offenses often involve suspicions of wrongdoing across multiple borders, leading to investigations by various prosecuting authorities and regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Agencies and Prosecuting Authorities

In many instances, these investigations may entail collaboration between prosecuting authorities and regulatory agencies across numerous jurisdictions. This includes entities such as the Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission in the US, as well as UK agencies like the Serious Fraud Office and Financial Conduct Authority.

We routinely provide guidance on international investigations where multiple agencies are involved. Our clients benefit from the extensive experience we possess in leading international multi-jurisdictional investigations alongside French and US prosecution authorities.

Understanding the diverse spectrum of agencies in Europe, along with multi-jurisdictional bodies such as Interpol and Europol, underscores the necessity to defend an investigation on various fronts. The XT 24 team adeptly ensures a robust defense for our clients, regardless of the jurisdiction from which challenges may arise. We are also well-versed in defending individuals subject to extradition requests.

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