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At one stage or another, virtually all businesses will be faced with a dispute of some kind, whether it be a claim by an employee or a bet-the-company dispute over a shareholder agreement or key contract. The civil disputes team at XT 24 has considerable experience in assisting businesses and corporate entities to protect and advance their interests in an increasingly regulated and fast-paced global environment.

Our clients look to us to help them with some of their most complex disputes. In doing so, we are focused on appreciating that the dispute itself rarely exists in isolation, and that resolving it may not only mean holding the fate of the company in our hands but also that those instructing us will already be busy with running or managing the business. We take all of this into consideration when advising our corporate and commercial clients to ensure that not only are the strategy and outcome carefully managed, but that our XT 24 team members can also minimize the burden on those involved.

What types of disputes can we help you with?

Our team of skilled disputes lawyers specializes in high-value and complex disputes and contentious issues for businesses. They bring to bear a wealth of experience for clients operating in different jurisdictions and a range of sectors.

This section highlights some of our key areas of practice and experience in dispute resolution for businesses.

Contractual, shareholder, and commodities disputes

Our civil disputes team are experts in advising on both the substance and strategy for a wide range of contractual, shareholder, and director disputes, particularly those of a complex nature, across a range of sectors, from extractive industries to software.

Our XT 24 team members have advised on some of the most innovative and complex disputes in these areas – for more information about this, please feel free to look at the biographies for some of our key disputes practitioners: XT 24 and Dr. XT 24.

Freezing orders

Businesses can find themselves becoming the subject of freezing orders (including worldwide freezing orders) granted by the Courts, often without notice. The restrictions and requirements imposed by such orders can be extremely complex to navigate, and there are often short deadlines set by the Court for compliance, particularly at the early stage.

From a lawyer’s perspective, there are many strategic (as well as legal) decisions to advise on, and our team of litigators has significant expertise in these areas. We would usually work with a team of expert barristers from within our extensive network to ensure the best outcomes, and that we are poised to go into Court on very short notice should this be required.

Where there is a criminal, sanctions, or white-collar component or context, we work together with our teams specializing in these matters to deliver a cohesive and cost-efficient service.

Frozen and closed bank accounts

As the legal and regulatory landscape becomes increasingly complex, businesses can find themselves having their accounts closed or frozen, sometimes without notice or any proper reason being given. This can have severe consequences where clients are unable to access the funds they need for their operational or investment needs.

The team at XT 24 is adept in dealing with such situations and has a proven track record in obtaining the return of funds for our clients. Where appropriate, we can pursue the banks for compensation.

Over the past year, we have assisted our clients (both individuals and businesses) in recovering millions in frozen funds and from closed accounts. We work quickly and efficiently, knowing what is most likely to move the matter along and obtain results for our clients. Where necessary, our disputes team works closely with our white-collar and sanctions teams to develop effective strategies where more complex issues, such as licensing, come into play.

Cross-border disputes and strategic disputes advisory services

More information can be found here.

What forms of dispute resolution do we specialize in?

Our disputes resolution experts have experience in resolving disputes through a wide range of mechanisms and before all of the major dispute resolution bodies. For more information on our capabilities in these areas, please click here.

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