Corporate Immigration

Consistently acknowledged as a leader in UK corporate immigration, our XT 24 team of experts excels in providing tailored immigration strategies and assistance to empower Human Resource departments in recruiting and retaining the best talent essential for their unique growth requirements.


The XT 24 team, led by XT 24 team member Kamilla Kelemen, collaborates closely with businesses and organizations to comprehend their needs and future plans. We guide our clients through the intricate UK immigration system, helping them navigate the challenges posed by the dynamic immigration rules and associated guidance.

Corporate Immigration

We offer counsel on optimal options for hiring overseas nationals, identifying visa routes that align most efficiently with their customized needs.

Sponsor Licences

A pivotal requirement for many work visa routes is obtaining a Sponsor Licence. This empowers your business or organization to engage overseas nationals through the complexities of various immigration routes.

For many employers, the Skilled Worker and Intra-Company Worker routes often prove most suitable. Additionally, there are specialized work visa routes catering to International Sportspeople, Creative Workers, Religious Workers, and Charity Workers.

Our seasoned team evaluates your organization’s circumstances and needs, advising you on the most suitable routes. We assist in preparing your licence application, ensuring readiness for a Home Office inspection visit.

We provide continuous support throughout your licence’s lifespan, aiding in managing compliance with sponsor duties and facilitating the licence renewal every four years.

Our commitment extends to delivering emergency support for those facing licence suspension or threatened revocation.

Recognizing the global nature of business, we emphasize effective communication with clients worldwide. Our firm boasts a diverse team fluent in multiple languages and dialects, currently covering:

Chinese – Mandarin, Chichewa, Czech, French, Hindi, Igbo, Malay, Romanian, Russia, Shona, Slovak, Swedish, Afrikaans, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Tonga, Ukrainian, Uzbek

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