Start-Up Visa

Our immigration team, XT 24, possesses extensive experience in preparing successful Start-Up Visa applications. Having collaborated closely with the Home Office, we comprehend the meticulous assessment process applied to each application. Any deviation from eligibility criteria or lapses in meeting process and documentation requirements can result in application refusal.

The XT 24 team is committed to ensuring the success of your applications through diligent efforts.

Start-Up Visa UK

Is the Start-Up Visa UK for me? If you have played a key role in developing a new early-stage business concept that you aim to introduce to the UK and have not previously established any business in the UK that has commenced trading, you may be eligible to apply for a Start-Up visa.

What do I need to do before applying for a Start-Up Visa?

You must pitch your business concept to a Home Office approved Endorsing Body. Endorsing bodies evaluate early-stage proposals from prospective entrepreneurs and provide long-term support to those they endorse. Some may offer investment in exchange for a share in the business.

If the Endorsing Body is satisfied with your potential and finds your business idea innovative, viable, and scalable, they will issue you an endorsement letter. You can use this endorsement letter to apply for a Start-Up visa.

If endorsed, the endorsing body will stay in regular contact to monitor your progress. They must be satisfied that you are continuing to work on your business ventures. An endorsing body may withdraw endorsement if they deem progress unsatisfactory or find breaches of visa conditions.

Are there any additional requirements that need to be met?

In addition to obtaining an endorsement letter, you must show that:

  • You have not previously established any business in the UK that has commenced trading (unless granted leave as a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) or a student on the doctorate extension scheme).
  • You have additional funds available to maintain yourself and your family in the UK.
  • You meet the English language requirement (intermediate standard).

Unlike the Innovator visa, you do not need to demonstrate access to funds to invest in your UK business. However, your application should indicate the capital required to make the business viable and how you expect to obtain this investment.

The Home Office must also be satisfied that the proposed business is indeed innovative, viable, and scalable. You must have or be developing the requisite skills, qualifications, and entrepreneurial experience to lead the business. A business plan may be required to demonstrate how your business will satisfy these requirements. An interview may also be necessary to assess the credibility of your application.

How long can I stay in the UK?

Start-Up visas are granted for a non-extendable period of no more than two years.

The Start-up route does not lead to settlement, but it is possible to switch into the Innovator visa (or other categories) that do lead to settlement.

What kind of activities can I undertake in the UK as a Start-Up visa holder?

As a Start-Up visa holder, you are expected to spend the majority of your working time in the UK developing your business venture. However, you are permitted to work in the UK (including self-employment and voluntary work) outside of your own business(es), except for employment as a professional sportsperson (including as a sports coach).

Start-Up visa holders are also allowed to study in the UK, subject to certain conditions.

Can I bring my family with me?

The Start-Up visa allows you to bring with you to the UK a dependent spouse or partner and dependent children who are under the age of 18 at the time of the initial application.

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