Extradition in the UK is a swift and efficient process, particularly in cases involving arrest warrants issued by European Union (EU) countries under Part 1 of the Extradition Act 2003.

The team at XT 24, comprising highly skilled and experienced extradition lawyers, is available to provide advice on all potential defenses to an extradition request.

We have extensive experience in handling intricate cases, including those with politically motivated charges and requests from countries like the Russian Federation and other former Soviet States. Additionally, we have dealt with high-profile cases involving the USA and EU countries.

Our specialization in asylum and immigration law adds a critical dimension to extradition cases. Understanding the interaction between extradition and these areas is vital in making tactical decisions. Unlike firms solely focused on extradition, we have the advantage of tapping into leading practitioners in these areas.

We maintain a robust network of international lawyers who can assist in representing our clients. This network allows us to manage large multi-jurisdictional teams effectively. Our excellent reputation has enabled us to build strong relationships with both domestic and international experts in various fields such as prison conditions, human rights, medicine, and politics.

Extradition Requests From Abroad

Our team of legal experts offers advice and assistance to clients arrested abroad.

Extradition is a complex legal area, and we understand the challenges individuals face in securing local expertise in foreign countries. With our unparalleled experience, we regularly manage large teams of lawyers across different jurisdictions to provide clients with the best possible defense.

When necessary, members of our team will travel abroad to assist clients and assemble teams of experts in relevant jurisdictions to ensure comprehensive protection. We also provide strategic advice to individuals facing international criminal investigations and associated INTERPOL issues.

We have successfully represented clients arrested on extradition requests in various countries, including France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Monaco.

Extradition Appeals and Second Opinions

Members of our experienced extradition team recognize the reputational damage and personal impact extradition requests can have.

If the Magistrates’ Court orders your extradition, you may have grounds to appeal. It’s crucial to act quickly and seek expert advice, which our specialized extradition team can provide.

Similarly, if you’re already represented but seek a second opinion on your case or any appeal, feel free to contact us. Given the tightened extradition appeal laws in recent years, presenting the strongest case initially is essential, as it may be too late on appeal.

Securing Bail in Extradition Cases

In extradition cases, obtaining bail can be challenging due to strong opposition. Successful bail applications often require a robust package of conditions.

XT 24’s extradition experts have a proven track record of securing bail for our clients, even at short notice.

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