Interpol Red Notices and Diffusions

Our international legal experts at XT 24 have a remarkable track record in successfully challenging Red Notices and securing their withdrawal and removal for clients.

We comprehend the extensive reach of INTERPOL and the challenges faced by those affected by a Notice when considering travel safety. While many law firms offer to ‘remove’ Red Notices, XT 24 understands that removal isn’t always the optimal strategy, as it doesn’t automatically prevent arrest.

INTERPOL Red Notices and Diffusions Service

By appointing our reputable XT 24 team, you can rest assured that we understand the intricacies of the channels of communication within the INTERPOL system and how this can impact future extradition or substantive criminal defense. Collaborating with our extradition colleagues, we will guide you appropriately and advise you on all available options.

As acknowledged experts in INTERPOL Red Notices, XT 24 team members contributed to a major report by Fair Trial International, which identified abuse within the INTERPOL system and proposed a series of reforms.

We have also recently written a series of blogs designed to assist those with questions about INTERPOL, addressing issues such as “how do I know if I am subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice” and “how to remove an INTERPOL Red Notice.”


The International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) is an international organization that facilitates worldwide police cooperation and crime control. As the largest such organization globally, it boasts over 190 member states. INTERPOL is not a police force and does not physically arrest people.

INTERPOL serves as a system for sharing information and resources among the police forces of member states, with notices published on their system and circulated throughout member states.

What is a Red Notice?

A Red Notice is a request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.

It contains two main types of information:

  1. Information to identify the wanted person, such as their name, date of birth, nationality, hair and eye color, photographs, and fingerprints if available.
  2. Information related to the crime they are wanted for, which can typically be murder, rape, child abuse, or armed robbery.

Red Notices are published by INTERPOL at the request of a member country and must comply with INTERPOL’s Constitution and Rules. A Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant.

Who is affected by INTERPOL Red Notices?

Individuals at risk of extradition are most frequently affected by INTERPOL Red Notices. A Red Notice severely restricts an affected person’s ability to travel and conduct business.

What is an INTERPOL Diffusion?

INTERPOL diffusions are more informal than a notice but still carry the risk of triggering an arrest. Member states can circulate diffusions throughout the system without resorting to a formal Red Notice.

Should I be concerned?

Yes. Being the target of a Red Notice or extradition request is a very stressful and harrowing experience for both the subject and their family.

Red Notices often appear on background checks conducted by banks and businesses. A person subject to an INTERPOL Red Notice is likely to be stopped, searched, and is liable to be arrested and face extradition. The XT 24 team is also able to advise those who fear that they may be subject to INTERPOL Red Notices on associated reputational issues such as bank account closure.

As acknowledged experts in INTERPOL Red Notices, XT 24 team members contributed to a major report by Fair Trial International that found the INTERPOL system was being abused and helped propose a series of reforms.

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