Graduate Visa

Our immigration team, XT 24, possesses extensive expertise in preparing successful Graduate permit applications. With our experience collaborating with the Home Office, we comprehend the meticulous evaluation process of each application. Failure to meet eligibility criteria or any lapses in process or documentation may lead to application refusal.

Our dedicated XT 24 team will strive to ensure the success of your applications.

Graduate Route Visa UK

What is the Graduate Route Visa UK?

The Graduate visa route enables international students completing an eligible UK study program to stay an additional two or three years for work or job hunting.

Qualifying for the Graduate Visa

To be eligible for the Graduate route, you must have:

  1. Been sponsored as a Student by a Higher Education provider in the UK holding an A-rated Student sponsor license.
  2. Successfully completed the sponsored course during your last Student Visa grant.
  3. Spent at least 12 months studying in the UK or the entire course duration if less than 12 months (with certain COVID-19 concessions).

The course should be a UK bachelor’s or post-graduate degree or one of the specified qualifications.

You must not have previously held leave under the Doctorate Extension Scheme or as a Graduate. Holding a Graduate visa is a one-time opportunity.

If you received a scholarship or sponsorship in the 12 months before the Graduate visa application, written consent from the sponsor is necessary.

Submit your application from within the UK while holding leave as a student under the relevant visa scheme.

Leave Duration and Extension

If approved, you’ll typically be granted two years of leave as a Graduate or three years if you completed a PhD or equivalent.

Extension under the Graduate category is not possible, but you can switch to another immigration category before your leave expires.

Activities Permitted as a Graduate

As a Graduate visa holder, you’re allowed to work, study, engage in self-employment, and voluntary work in the UK, excluding professional sports.

Family and Settlement

Dependents who were granted leave while you were a student can apply for an extension under the Graduate route. However, Graduate visa holders can’t sponsor dependent family members. The Graduate route does not lead to settlement, but you may switch to a settlement category like Skilled Worker.

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