Civil Litigation And Dispute Resolution

We possess the expertise to handle disputes, strategic planning, and advisory services across a diverse range of platforms, as detailed below.

Pre-action Resolution of Claims and Disputes

Numerous claims and disputes can find resolution without resorting to formal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution. It is often advantageous in terms of both cost and time for parties to address differences through early-stage settlements or concise letters outlining terms.

At XT 24, our aim is to explore avenues for our clients to resolve disputes in their best interests. Our team of experts excels in negotiating settlements and compromises, finding effective resolutions for our clients.

Moreover, there are situations where at least part of a dispute can be quickly resolved through correspondence, thereby narrowing the scope, time, and costs of contentious issues. Recent successes include achieving the release/transfer of significant funds for clients in areas such as account freezing and closure.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Ombudsmen

Whether at an early stage or prior to/formal proceedings, alternative dispute resolution methods can be invaluable for clients seeking to resolve disputes without the costs and inconvenience of a full court hearing. Our disputes team is adept at handling various forms of ADR, including mediation and expert determination. We also provide guidance on pursuing complaints before Ombudsmen, including the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Court Proceedings

Proceedings before the Courts of England and Wales, particularly the High Court, form the core of our civil disputes practice. Our team is experienced in both bringing and defending claims before the English Courts on a wide range of matters.

International Arbitration

International arbitration has seen consistent growth over the past few decades. Clients often choose arbitration in advance to resolve complex disputes, appreciating its more business-like approach compared to courts and the increased confidentiality it offers. Our experts have substantial experience in international arbitration, including major fora such as the LCIA, ICC, and SCC.

Investment Treaty Arbitration

Investment treaty arbitration, a unique area of public international law, involves the protection of foreign investors and investments through state treaties. Navigating this complex process requires specialized legal knowledge. XT 24 boasts a team with extensive experience in investment treaty disputes. Dr. Cong Gao, a recent addition to the team, holds a particular interest in investment treaty arbitration.

Cross-border Disputes and Strategic Advisory Services

Disputes often form part of a broader set of challenges faced by our corporate and individual clients. These challenges may extend beyond a single jurisdiction or forum, involving multiple fronts, such as interrelated claims or concurrent criminal and civil matters. XT 24 leverages its expertise across the firm to oversee and manage strategies, collaborating with other teams, including sanctions, immigration, and criminal experts, to ensure a coordinated approach.

In this capacity, we assist clients in identifying and tailoring steps to achieve optimal outcomes, mitigating risks, aligning with wider objectives, and ensuring actions in one area support aims in others.

Selected Recent Representations

Recent work by the XT 24 disputes team includes:

  • Representing a foreign client in a multi-million-dollar commodities dispute before the High Court.
  • Advising an UHNW individual on cross-border enforcement risks related to assets held through complex arrangements.
  • Devising the initial strategy for a potential investment treaty or cross-border claim concerning the expropriation of assets with significant value.

For more information on how we can assist you with civil disputes, please click here, and click here for corporate disputes.

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