Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We possess the expertise to handle disputes, strategic matters, and advisory work across various platforms, as outlined below.

Pre-action Resolution of Claims and Disputes

Numerous claims or disputes can be resolved without resorting to formal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution. Addressing differences at an early stage can prove effective in terms of cost and time. At XT 24, our team explores avenues for clients to resolve disputes, utilizing experienced negotiation skills for settlements and compromises.

In addition, we have successfully resolved disputes, particularly in the realm of account freezing and closure, securing the release or transfer of significant funds for clients through correspondence.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Ombudsmen

Whether in the early stages or during formal proceedings, alternative dispute resolution methods are invaluable in resolving disputes without the costs of a full court hearing. Our disputes team is adept at handling various forms of ADR, including mediation and expert determination. We also guide clients in pursuing complaints before Ombudsmen, such as the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Court Proceedings

Court proceedings before the Courts of England and Wales, notably the High Court, form the core of our civil disputes practice. XT 24’s experienced team is proficient in bringing and defending claims across a broad spectrum of matters.

International Arbitration International arbitration has seen consistent growth, offering a more business-like approach to dispute resolution compared to courts. XT 24’s experts are well-versed in international arbitration across major fora, including the LCIA, ICC, and SCC.

Investment Treaty Arbitration

Investment treaty arbitration, rooted in public international law, navigates disputes based on treaties governing foreign investments. XT 24’s team, led by XT 24 team member Roger Gherson, boasts over 40 years of practice, with recent addition Dr. Cong Gao, a PhD holder in International Investment Arbitration.

Cross-border Disputes and Strategic Advisory Services

Disputes often tie into broader issues for our corporate and individual clients. XT 24 collaborates across its teams to manage strategies, providing comprehensive support for interrelated claims, concurrent criminal and civil matters, and more.

Selected Recent Representations

Recent achievements of XT 24’s disputes team include representing a foreign client in a multi-million-dollar commodities dispute before the High Court, advising a UHNW individual on cross-border enforcement risks, and devising initial strategies for potential investment treaty or cross-border claims.

For more information on how XT 24 can assist with individual civil disputes,

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