Spouse Visa

Navigating through the Spouse visa application process requires meticulous attention, given the Home Office's thorough assessment of each application. Failing to meet eligibility criteria or address process and documentation requirements could result in a refusal.

UK Spouse Visa Overview:

The UK Spouse Visa is a category within immigration that permits the partner of a British citizen or settled individual to reside in the UK. This category extends to civil partners and unmarried partners of British citizens or those with indefinite leave to remain.

Eligibility Criteria:

To enter or stay in the UK as a partner, certain conditions must be met:

  • Both partners must be 18 or older.
  • A genuine and subsisting relationship must be demonstrated.
  • Financial requirements must be met.
  • English language proficiency is necessary.
  • The intention to live together permanently in the UK must be established.

Meeting Financial Requirements:

Typically, an annual income of at least £18,600 or savings of £62,500 is required. Combining income with savings is possible in specific circumstances. Self-employed individuals have additional criteria, and if non-British dependent children are included, the financial threshold increases.

Application Process:

Applications are usually made in the applicant’s country of nationality or residence. In some cases, switching to the Spouse category from within the UK is allowed, excluding those with visitor status.

Visa Duration and Extensions:

Upon approval, a spouse visa is issued for 30 months. Extension criteria, including maintaining a genuine relationship and meeting financial requirements, must be fulfilled to extend the visa for another 30 months.

Activities Permitted for Spouse Visa Holders:

Spouse visa holders can work in the UK without restrictions and are allowed to pursue studies, subject to specific conditions.

Path to Settlement:

After five years of continuous residence in the UK as a spouse visa holder, eligibility for indefinite leave to remain (settlement) may be achieved.

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