Serious Fraud Office Investigations

Our leading white-collar crime, investigations, and regulatory team, headed by an experienced XT 24 team member, Thomas Cattee, who spent a number of years at the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as their Principal Investigative Lawyer, provides the XT 24 team with unprecedented insight into the inner workings of the enforcement agency.

The vast experience of the XT 24 team in dealing with serious fraud, bribery, and corruption allegations ensures that we can offer strategic advice to individuals who may find themselves in receipt of a notice requiring the production of documents or requesting attendance at an interview (including as a witness).

Serious Fraud Office Investigations

We offer specific expert advice for those facing interviews and can also advise individuals on a broader level when facing an investigation by prosecuting authorities and regulating agencies, including the SFO. The XT 24 team is also well-equipped to provide expert advice to those facing an investigation with an international aspect.

What is the Serious Fraud Office Section 2 Notice?

As well as creating the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1987 (CJA) also bestowed upon the SFO significant powers to obtain compelled information from both individuals and corporations.

As part of the arsenal at its disposal, the SFO has issued Section 2 CJA notices widely to individuals and companies alike, so as to gather information and material from various different sources in the course of their investigations. Section 2 notices compel by notice in writing

“a person whose affairs are to be investigated….or any other person whom he (i.e. the Director of the Serious Fraud Office) has reason to believe has relevant information to answer questions or otherwise furnish information with respect to any matter related to the investigation” or “the person under investigation or any other person to produce…….any specified documents which appear to the Director to relate to any matter relevant to the investigation….”

Failing to comply with such a notice can result in a separate offense being committed which can, in turn, lead to a prison sentence.

If you have a receipt of a notice and require assistance with any of the above or for more information about us and our Criminal Litigation, Investigations, and Regulatory services, please contact an XT 24 team member who will offer practical and reassuring guidance

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