Our Specialised Services

Visa Applications

We excel in guiding individuals and businesses through the intricacies of various visa applications. Whether it’s securing a Skilled Worker Visa, Intra-Company Transfer, or a visa for specific categories such as family reunification or study, our team ensures a thorough and successful application process.

Corporate Immigration

Our corporate immigration team is dedicated to assisting both national and international corporations with Sponsor Licences, Skilled Worker Licences, and Temporary Workers applications. We provide strategic advice beyond visa applications, offering comprehensive assistance to enhance workforce management efficiency and compliance.

Human Rights and Appeals

 Navigating the complexities of human rights issues and immigration appeals requires a nuanced understanding of the law. Our team has an unparalleled track record of handling a full range of immigration appeals, providing unwavering support to clients facing challenging circumstances.

Global Talent and Innovation

For exceptionally talented individuals, our expertise extends to the UK Global Talent Visa, Innovator Visa, and Start-up Visa. We guide clients through the endorsement process and ensure a seamless transition to the UK.

Education and Student Visas

Aspiring students and educational institutions benefit from our guidance on student visas, ensuring a smooth process for those pursuing education in the UK.


Many claims or disputes can be resolved without recourse to formal proceedings or the use of alternative dispute resolution. It can often be effective both in terms of costs and time for parties to address their differences in this way, whether in terms of a detailed early-stage settlement agreement, or a simple letter which records their terms.