Business Visitor Visa

If your business requires travel to the United Kingdom, the XT 24 team of immigration specialists stands ready to offer comprehensive guidance and support throughout the application process for a business visitor visa.

Business Visitor Visa Overview:

Whether you are from a ‘visa national’ country or not, meeting the Visit visa requirements is essential. Currently, there are approximately 115 countries on the ‘visa national’ list, including Russia, China, and India. Non-visa nationals, citizens of countries not on this list, do not need to apply for a visa before traveling but will be assessed upon entry to the UK.

Our team of XT 24 experts is available to provide insights into all aspects of entering the UK for business purposes.

How to Obtain a Business Visitor Visa for the UK:

For ‘visa nationals,’ applying for a Visit Visa before traveling is mandatory. If your country is on the ‘visa national’ list, which includes Russia, China, and India, this requirement applies.

‘Non-visa nationals’ are not obligated to apply for a visa before traveling but must still fulfill all Visit Visa requirements and undergo assessment upon arrival in the UK.

Permitted Activities in the UK:

As a business visitor to the UK, you are allowed to:

  • Attend meetings, conferences, seminars, and interviews.
  • Deliver one-off or short series talks and speeches, provided they are not organized as commercial events.
  • Negotiate and sign deals and contracts.
  • Attend trade fairs for promotional work only, without engaging in direct selling.
  • Conduct site visits and inspections.
  • Gather information for your overseas employment.
  • Receive briefings on the requirements of a UK-based customer.

Restricted Activities in the UK:

Certain activities are not allowed under a business visitor status, including:

  • Taking employment in the UK.
  • Working for a UK-based organization or business.
  • Establishing or running a business as a self-employed individual.
  • Providing goods and services.
  • Undertaking a work placement or internship.

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